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Kennedy Range National Park

Kennedy Range National Park

The Kennedy Range National Park is just north of the Gascoyne Junction and has spectacular sandstone battlements which extends for roughly 195km in a northerly direction.

The Kennedy Range National Park offers spectacular scenery of gorges and precipitous faces, with a vast plateau of ancient dune fields on top of the range.

Mount Augustus

Mount Augustus is located to the north east of Gascoyne Junction, approximately 330km by road. It is one of the most spectacular solitary peaks in the world. The rock itself is about eight kilometres long and covers an area of 4,795 hectares. At about twice the size of Uluru, it is the biggest ‘rock’ in the world.


Gascoyne Juntion Is located approximately 150 Kms inland from Carnarvon Western Australia. The Cudelgo Formation is approximately 280 millions years old and contains a unique fossiferous marine fauna. Exposed for about 10 Kms along the Gascoyne River, the deposit extends 1 km to the south, dipping gently to the north, burying itself under the shifting sands of the river bed to the north. Contained in the deposit are some of the most spectacular crinoids in the world. Jimbacrinus bostocki is the largest and most bizarre looking crinoid found in the deposit, along with Neocamptocrinus, numerous bivalves, gastropods, spiriferas, trace fossils and rarely, starfish up to 6 inches across. The crinoids tend to be found in “Pods ” or ancient rock pools and generally numerous specimens are found together.

There are three leases held over the main areas of the deposit held by Tom Kapitany. Collecting can only be under taken with his permission. There are a lot of un explored areas for the amature prospector

While there have been three major commercial expeditions to the area over the last 20 years, the most successful was undertaken by Kevin Davey, a well known, now retired Australian fossil dealer. Along with Tom Witherspoon an expert American crinod preparator, they successful collected and prepared some of the most amazing criniod specimens in the world, many of which have been distributed to major museums in Australia and around the world.

Crinoids specimens at that time were quite plentiful and could easily be found walking along the rocky river bank. The value in the crinoids was not their rarity but rather the difficulty and the time require to extract the animal from the hard rock. This required very specialized equipment as well as many hours of delicate work.

Gold has been found by many tourists using metal detectors within 100kms of Gascoyne Junction, ask the owner to show you the eagle pendant found within 10ks,

Remember before any prospecting obtain the correct permit from the WA Mines Dept.

An Awesome Travel Experience
On our first night we stayed at the Junction Pub & Tourist Park – the whole experience was a pleasant surprise. Our journey to ‘the Junction’ involved rain, mud and dust so we decided to avail ourselves of an ensuite site and stay for a few days to recuperate. The managers could not have been more helpful in getting us settled. The ensuite amenities were very spacious – one of the best we’ve experienced. The council is to be congratulated on the work done in providing this great facility and finding good staff to run it. By the way, the hamburgers and chips were delicious as were the scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. What a great place to use as a base to visit the National Parks of the Kennedy Range and Mount Augustus. Thank Gascoyne Junction for being there for travellers such as us, we recommend it.

Barry and Beryle Castley Flynn, ACT.